The PeReview classes definitely helped me prepare for and pass the PE. The work out problems covered in the videos helped me to focus my studies and they gave me a good idea of the type of problems to expect. The sample exams also helped me prepare for the test setting. Overall, I thought this […]

Ryan Richins P.E. - Utah Department of Transportation, Springville, UT

It was very helpful. I used the “Cheat Sheet” often during the test for the common equations. It also helped me to decide to not take the Transportation portion of the test! I was trying to decide between Water Resources and Transportation and did not realize how little of the Transportation I knew until I […]

The material from the site helped me pass the transportation part. I have recommended the site to other people. I tried studying on my own, but came up short . The material helped keep me focused, and the way the study material is broken down helped me concentrate on weak areas. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charles Williams P.E. […]

The PE test was a “slam dunk” after working all of the practice problems. I had made the decision to take the geotechnical in-depth exam, so my studies required some supplemental material. Since passing, I have recommended the course to many of my colleagues and co-workers.

Sean Duffet P.E. - Seattle, Washington State Department of Transportation

Yes, the review was extremely helpful. When studying both through and other reference materials, I was very prepared for the test. I don’t think there were any problems that caught me off guard. The only ones that were of any difficulty were the problems we had to look up. After taking the test, the […]

Caleb Austin, P.E. - Oklahoma D.O.T., Oklahoma

It really helped me a lot and I passed. If you want to take transportation in the afternoon, your best bet is PE Review. I haven’t seen any other place to go that goes into this level of detail for transportation. Thanks!

Ziba Mohammadi - City of St. Petersburg, Florida

I found the PE Review the best way to study for the PE Exam. I have been out of College for 24 years and finally decided to get my PE. The online course was convenient, thorough, and a value at the price. After taking the course, I passed the exam! I would recommend subscribing to […]

John R. Meis P.E. - Le Mars, Iowa

Video streaming is a great way to take a review course. By not having to travel I was able to use my time efficiently. I liked the organization and the emphasis on Transportation. I also found the practice tests to be crucial in preparing for the exam. The review course prepared me better than I […]

Lee Nitchman - Utah DOT