I recently found out that I passed my P.E. Exam on the second try!  The first time around, I studied without a review course and I failed the exam which I took very hard.  I was reluctant on taking an online course due to the extra cost and time commitments but upon finishing the April […]

Joseph W. Lureau,  Newly Licensed Illinois P.E.

Dear Dr. Martin, I just got my PE results today and I passed!!!! I wanted to share this news with you and also wanted to thank you for the PE Review course. I took the video lessons and also the exams and they proved to be a great help in solving problems in the actual […]

Andy Chakraborty, Lead Traffic Engineer

I passed the PE exam from last October, with an emphasis in structures. I used your course as part of my preparation – I believe it really helped. As a first-time test taker, I was understandably nervous, but going through your material really helped give me confidence that I was preparing thoroughly. Thanks for the […]

Daniel Thompson

Dear Professor Martin, This e-mail is my thank you note to the PEReview. I did used most of the materials (Videos stream and Practice Exams). I took the PE Exam last October for the first time and I passed.I am most gratefull for the Transportation section, I got a lot of help for the morning […]

Vita Wa Ngongo, PE

The material covered in the PE review course was excellent. It prepared me to take the PE exam better than I could have done on my own. The example questions and tests were excellent preparation for the real exam. Wesley Kellogg P.E. – Oklahoma Department of Transportation, Oklahoma City, OK

The web site was very helpful, I studied some things prior to the review but don’t think I even needed to. The review was all I really needed to get me into the correct mindset to solve the problems on the test. Justin C. Hernandez, P.E. – Oklahoma Department of Transportation, Oklahoma City, OK

The PeReview classes definitely helped me prepare for and pass the PE. The work out problems covered in the videos helped me to focus my studies and they gave me a good idea of the type of problems to expect. The sample exams also helped me prepare for the test setting. Overall, I thought this […]

Ryan Richins P.E. - Utah Department of Transportation, Springville, UT

It was very helpful. I used the “Cheat Sheet” often during the test for the common equations. It also helped me to decide to not take the Transportation portion of the test! I was trying to decide between Water Resources and Transportation and did not realize how little of the Transportation I knew until I […]

The material from the site helped me pass the transportation part. I have recommended the site to other people. I tried studying on my own, but came up short . The material helped keep me focused, and the way the study material is broken down helped me concentrate on weak areas. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charles Williams P.E. […]