PE exam questions are defined in two ways: By discipline By morning or afternoon There are five disciplines of the PE exam: Construction Geotechnics Structures Water and Environmental Engineering Transportation The examiner, NCEES, broadly defines each discipline. However, there are overlaps. Unlike in College, where courses identified disciplines, the PE exam is a little loose. […]

Do you cover both breadth and depth? Many potential subscribers ask: “Do you cover Construction in both breadth and depth?” Sometime I get “Why are your Practice Exams not separated into breath and depth?” So here is an attempt that explains the approach to the breadth or depth question. As we all know, NCEES […]

As we all know, NCEES structures the PE into two exams: AM and PM which it identifies as “breadth” and “depth” respectively. Each exam has 40 questions. Each lasts 4 hours. The only difference is that the AM exam has 5 disciplines and the PM exam has one. This means that both breadth and depth […]