Technical Writing for
Professionals in Technical Environments.

Course Goal:
To Communicate Technical Ideas in a way that is Clear, Concise, and Concrete.

What makes Online Technical Training the most effective way
to establish technical and business communication skills?

The courses are based on two key assumptions. First, communication is rhetorical: effective communicators plan, draft, and revise formal documents and presentations with respect to their specific audiences and purposes. Second, communication practices are guided by convention and so change over time and differ between disciplines. Therefore, becoming an effective technical communicator requires an ability to do more than memorize rules: you must also learn to recognize principles and the variables that condition a given communication event against an ever-evolving cultural landscape.


There is no place for ambiguity in technical communication.


The writing and presentation supports the technical content – never getting in its way.


Technology is specific and detailed  -  technical communication must always match technical rigor – there’s no place for “etcettera”.

What kind of communicator are you?

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Dr. Martin, Just wanted to drop another note of thanks. After almost 6.5 years with MDT, I recently was hired at the City of Helena as their Transportation Engineer. I took your Gold course back in 2016 while working at the Montana DoT (MDT) and passed the PE exam in April 2017 on my first try, w/o any of my transpo reference manuals, just the CERM (not on purpose, I just forgot them on my desk at work in Montana and was sitting for the exam in SLC)!

One of my colleagues here at the city just took and failed the exam for the second time. I sent him a link to your Online Technical Training site with a recommendation to take the Gold course. Thanks again for the help, my PE has been a real blessing for my family.