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Practice Exams for the Civil Engineering Board Exam.

The PE Exam is one of the toughest hurdles for the Civil Engineer. It’s so comprehensive. There’s no partial credit. And it runs for eight hours! You graduated a few years ago and you’re using only a small part of the material you got from College.
How much can you remember?

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You’ve seen those fat PE Exam preparation manuals and you wonder how you’ll ever get through all that stuff. So what are the alternatives? You can dig out your old notes and books and revise. You can sign up for a review class and show up each week. Or you can use and begin your preparation right now, at your pace, and at your convenience.

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Thank you for the course, it helped tremendously. Other than the studying the course helped me with, the biggest issue was time management. I read through the entire test answering the easiest questions first. In fact, I did not even open any books or manuals for an entire hour. That saved a great deal of time for the more difficult questions towards the end of the session. Thanks again and you provided an extremely helpful service.
John W. Morast, P.E. – Assistant Public Works Director – Town of Fountain Hills, AZ