Technical and Business Writing in a DOT

A 5-week Short Course Webinar

Coming Spring 2020 | 9:30AM – 11:00AM (Central) 

What makes OTT the most effective way to establish
technical and business communication skills?

Professionals employed in DOTs must communicate, but they find getting their ideas across can sometimes be difficult. This webinar-based series establishes the fundamentals of effective technical and business communication, and will show you how to present your ideas.  It will show you how to produce text quickly and error free. The text will be concise, clear, and concrete.  

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to write text that is:


There is no place for ambiguity in technical communication.


Technology is specific and detailed  -  technical communication must always match technical rigor – there’s no place for “etcettera”.


The writing and presentation supports the technical content – never getting in its way.

Instruction Method

The course will comprise five 90-minute webinars delivered desktop to desktop. The webinars will comprise:

Mini Lectures
Online quizzes
backup Material for downoad
Webinar Recordings

The Webinars

Webinar 1: Word Types & Basic Grammar Rules

Here we take a close look at "Parts of Speech" or types of word. When you have the rules for word types, you'll be better able to identify and fix errors.


  • Nouns & Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs & Adverbs, Articles & Conjunctions, Prepositions
  • Phrases, Clauses, and Sentences


  • Identifying parts of speech
  • Spotting errors

Webinar 2: Problem Words & Phrases 

This webinar will show you how to recognize and fix problems associated with word choice. In this way, you'll be able to eliminate unnecessary words and phrases to make your communication concise. When you know about vague words and phrases, you can correct them to make your writing concrete.


  • Problem words, Simple or Complex, 
  • Redundancy, Abstractions, Blind Words


  • Simplifying words & phrases
    Common errors
    Short & familiar replacement

Webinar 3: Sentences, Paragraphs, & Punctuation

When we build sentences, we can make them easy to follow. So many writers order their sentences in a way that makes them complicated. This webinar will show you how to make your sentences, and sentence groups (or paragraphs) clear and concise.


  • Active is good, Passive is BAD 
  • Streamlined & Consistent sentences
  • Punctuation


  • What’s wrong with this?
  • Common errors
  • Punctuate this

Webinar 4: Documents & Style

We work with a variety of document types.  Each has its own purpose and style. This webinar will enable you to write these documents with insight. This webinar will enable you to develop different styles to suit differing needs.


  • There are more than one styles!
  • Document types & Components
  • How to build a document


  • Why is bureaucratic style so bad?
  • Solecisms
  • The writing process

Webinar 5: E-communication

Contemporary media bring fresh opportunities for efficient communication, but also new challenges. Here we’ll look critically at how electronic communication must also remain clear, concise, and concrete.


  • e-mail
  • Writing software
  • Tools


  • Spellcheckers
  • Social media
  • Spot the cliché

2020 Course Dates

Fridays - 9:30AM – 11:00AM (Central):

April 3, 2020

April 10, 2020

April 17, 2020

April 24, 2020

May 1, 2020

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The was very helpful to me. The instructor teaches the problems using a variety of formulas on the same problem. To be able to solve problems, we need to plug in the numbers into various formulas to get the final result. Some of the problems gave me insights on how to solve the problems on the exam.
Brigida Van Doornik PE – Deerfield Beach, Georgia