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  1. Wednesday, August 23rd: How to prepare for the PE
  2. Wednesday, August 30th: Construction
  3. Wednesday, September 6th: Geotechnics
  4. Wednesday, September 13th: Structures
  5. Wednesday, September 20thth: Water & Environmental Engineering
  6. Wednesday, September 27th: Transportation I
  7. Wednesday, October 4th: Transportation II
  8. Wednesday, October 11th: Transportation III
  9. Wednesday, October 18th: Review
  10. Friday, October 27th: exam day


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Gold Course Content


Earthworks, Construction & LayoutExcavation and embankment (cut & fill); Borrow pit volumes; Site layout & control
Scheduling & EconomicsConstruction sequencing; CPM network analysis; Engineering Economics
Material Quality Control & Temp StructuresMaterial testing (e.g., concrete, soil, asphalt); Concrete mix design
Estimating Quantities & CostsQuantity take-off methods; Cost estimating
Construction Operations & MethodsLifting and rigging; Cranes, erection, & stability; Dewatering and pumping; Equipment production; Productivity analysis & improvement


Sampling, Classification, Soil Phase RelationshipsSoil classification; Index properties; Phase relationships
Permeability & Pavements Permeability of fine & coarse grained soils; Pavement design criteria & loading
Compaction & Consolidation Compaction testing & optimum water content; Consolidation & settlement
Shear Strength & Effective Stress Shear strength properties, tests, and parameters; Effective stress
Earth Retaining Structures Lateral earth pressures; Passive & Active Pressures; Cantilever & Mass Concrete Retaining Walls


Loadings Dead loads, Live loads, Construction loads
Analysis I Statically determinate analysis
Mechanics of Materials SF & BM diagrams; Flexure, shear, tension, compression, deflection; Concrete & Steel; Member Design
Analysis II Non-linear loads, statically indeterminate systems, ultimate forces and moments
Structural Design ACI 318, eccentricity, concrete design, steel design

Water Resources & Environmental

Wastewater Treatment Wastewater flow rates (e.g., municipal, industrial, commercial), Unit operations and processes, Primary, Secondary & Biological treatment
Water Treatment Stream degradation (e.g., thermal, base flow, TDS, TSS, BOD, COD), Oxygen dynamics (e.g., oxygenation, deoxygenation, oxygen sag curve), Risk assessment and management, Toxicity, Biological & Chemical Indicator organisms
Energy dissipation, Sub/Super Critical Flow Energy dissipation, Subcritical & supercritical flow
Hydraulics & Open Channel Flow Open-channel flow (e.g., Manning’s equation), Culvert design
HydrologyHydrographs application; Rainfall intensity, duration, and frequency curves, time of concentration; Runoff analysis & the Rational methods


Traffic Analysis, Speed & Flow Speed analysis, Traffic Flow Theory
Traffic Analysis – Intersections & Signals Intersection design: controlled & uncontrolled
Geometric & Alignment Design (AASHTO) Horizontal & Vertical Curve Design;, acceleration & deceleration
Geometric & Roadway Design The Green Book: Curve design, Superelevation
Transportation Planning & Capacity (HCM) The HCM: capacity & LOS for Freeways, multilane segments, rural & urban highways
Highway Safety Crash rates, Accident analysis

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It was very helpful. I used the “Cheat Sheet” often during the test for the common equations. It also helped me to decide to not take the Transportation portion of the test! I was trying to decide between Water Resources and Transportation and did not realize how little of the Transportation I knew until I went through the course. I learn best when I can hear and watch an instructor, so being able to review with someone walking me through it was invaluable to me. I also liked that I could stop and start the lessons whenever I wanted. That let me get a few problems in during lunch or right after work without messing up my family schedule too much.
Ryan Hammett P.E. – Mycoskie McInnis Associates