CEUs for Engineers: Technical Writing Courses

Most engineers must take some form of continuing education to renew their professional license.  Some take courses and others go to meetings.  Most are technical. Have you thought about taking a course to improve your writing?

As we progress, we write more – but how much attention do we give to our writing skills?  As kids, we learned to swim.  We learned how to avoid drowning.  Only those on the swim team learned how to breathe effectively, how to turn, and how to pull through the water.

Online Technical Training’s online writing course is like a swim class.  No, you aren’t drowning but did you ever learn how to write persuasively?  Did you ever learn how to send communication that works?  You can test yourself by answering this:  Do you ever write “…please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns?”  Translation “I’m not sure this is effective, so if you don’t follow me, let me know.”

While State licensing requirements vary engineers who write will benefit from this course.  They’ll learn how to write clearly, concisely, and in a concrete way.

Online technical training’s online course is a Continuing Education Unit that will truly continue your education.  It’s developed and delivered by an engineer, for engineers.