Myth 1: Online Learning Is Impersonal Many educators feel that an online classroom provides an impersonal and limited learning experience, but this viewpoint can apply equally to the in-person classroom experience if the educator is functional, expedient, and antiseptic in delivery. Nonetheless, virtual engagement sounds oxymoronic. Yet, the virtual learning experience has an intensity that […]

The PE Review Practice Exams used to be offered as PDF files you download, and print.  However, new subscribers will access the online format. These new exams offer substantial advantages over the existing downloaded PDFs: The problems will draw from a large database of problems, thereby increasing variety. The new online exams will be strictly […]

As we all know, NCEES structures the PE into two exams: AM and PM which it identifies as “breadth” and “depth” respectively. Each exam has 40 questions. Each lasts 4 hours. The only difference is that the AM exam has 5 disciplines and the PM exam has one. This means that both breadth and depth […]

For anyone over 40, taking the PE Exam may seem like a younger persons endeavor. Not so… Here’s a recent comment we received from Carla, responding to this post, The Holiday Spirit and that looming PE Exam: I really like the article Holiday Spirit and that Looming PE Exam. However, I do not consider myself a “young engineer”. I’m 50 years old and even though I graduated […]

We are constantly updating the video and pdf materials on PE Review. It is very possible that you’re looking at an outdated version of the video and problem, due to your computer’s cache. This is your computer’s temporary storage area where frequently accessed data is stored for quick access.  Your computer has effectively made a copy […]