How will technical writing help engineers succeed in their job?  There are many courses on technical writing for engineers. Most are delivered by writers that are not engineers. Today, professional engineers are all college educated. Many of us took “technical writing for engineers courses” at college, but from whom? A professional technical writer is unlikely to have been a professional engineer. Our instructors were English or humanities majors […]

On January 1, 2018, NCEES is reducing the FE exam registration fees by $50 to $175. The reduced fee will apply to registrations completed on or after this date; the new price will not be honored for registrations completed before January 1, 2018.   NCEES Chief Executive Officer Jerry Carter:  “NCEES and its member boards […]

NCEES recently approved a new calculator model for the PE (Civil) exams in 2017. The complete list is now: Casio: All fx-115 and fx-991 models (all Casios must have “fx-115” or “fx-991” in its model name.) Hewlett Packard: HP 33s and HP 35s models (but no other HPs) Texas Instruments: All TI-30X and TI-36X models (All Texas Inst calculators must […]

The Highway Safety Manual 2010 (HSM) is introduced for the Spring 2015 PE Exam. The first rule is that there are no accidents anymore, only crashes. The word accident suggests that there is some kind of inevitability to automobile collisions. “Accidents will happen.” The word crash, however, suggests that the unfortunate could have been avoided. […]

PE exam questions are defined in two ways: By discipline By morning or afternoon There are five disciplines of the PE exam: Construction Geotechnics Structures Water and Environmental Engineering Transportation The examiner, NCEES, broadly defines each discipline. However, there are overlaps. Unlike in College, where courses identified disciplines, the PE exam is a little loose. […]

Eligibility for the PE exam is generally associated with: Having a Civil Engineering or related degree from an EAC/ABET Accredited engineering program, Several years of professional experience, usually 4, A pass in the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, and Endorsements from a professional engineers. So, if you are eligible, you need to contact the National Council […]

We launched the new FE Exam (Civil) subscription to help prepare for the new FE Exam.  The subscription offers six full-length (5 hour plus) practice exams, just like the real exam.  Each exam is different.  Each follows the exact format of the actual exams.  Each offers detailed scores, and solutions.   There are also specialist […] is now available on your mobile device.   The live video webinars are delivered through Adobe Connect Pro.  It’s the host software for the webinars.  Now you can participate on your iPad, iPhone,  Android, or Blackberry.  There are free Adobe Connect Pro Apps.  Go to: for iPhone and iPad: for Android: for […]

NCEES has launched the computer-based exam for the FE.  This means engineers sitting the FE will no longer fill in the little circles with a pencil for their answers.  My guess is that the computer-based PE Exam for Civil engineers will be coming.  So if you find working directly to a screen, instead of on […]