The 10 Good Habits of Technical Writers

  1. Good technical writers never release anything until the work’s been thoroughly proofread.
  2. The best technical writers eliminate unnecessary words so that the text is as short as possible.
  3. The best writers search for “etc.” replacing it with actual content.
  4. Technically proficient writers check their detail for accuracy.
  5. If a good technical writer isn’t sure about a word, he or she will look up its meaning of words, and whether it’s an actual word.
  6. The best technical writers always follow an outline.
  7. The better writers avoid copying others text, because it’s frequently flawed.
  8. A competent technical writer will take time breaks between drafting and editing.
  9. The successful technical writers edit their own work and usually as if it had been written by someone else.
  10. Most of all, the very best Technical Writers repeat these habits so often they become automatic.